If all songs were created equal, and it didnt matter which ones you played at what time of your mitzvah celebration, you could very well plug in your iPod to a set of speakers, push play and throw a great party!

This however, is not the case. There are certain songs that every good DJ should not only have in their repertoire but also know how/when to use them.
Here’s the top 10 songs every DJ must have:

10. Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars)

I know what you’re thinking, “How is this Epic Song of Wonderfulness #10?!?!?!”. It’s my absolute favorite! I have one word for you; Longevity. This song has to prove itself to be sustainable. One that is capable of moving your crowd your years to come.

Remember how much you AND your kids loved, “Blurred Lines”, or happy you were to hear…”Happy”. And how nowadays either are just as likely to clear the floor as start a dance party? I rest my case.

9. Apache (SugarHill Gang)

This classic by the SugarHill Gang is not only good music for the soul, but also an excellent opportunity to bring dad and his friends to the stage to display their some hip-thrusting dance moves!

8. The Wobble (V.I.C.)

Kids love it. Parents love it. I’m darn-near convinced GRANDMA loves it as well (just make sure her hip is ok)!

This line dance is an excellent tool to bring everyone back to the party after a meal service or after a previous poor choice clears the floor.

7. Don’t Stop till you Get Enough (Michael Jackson)

“Don’t stop till you get Enough”, is a rhythmic throwback track from yesteryear. It’s fast pace and high energy makes it enjoyable for teens and it’s easily recognizable, thus a party starter for adults.

You don’t want your MC and his dancers leading you with, “Hands Up, Hands Down” moves the entire night. Throw this track on, have everyone grab a partner and get down with your funky self!

6. Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO)

…Do you even need to ask?

5. I gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)

Who doesn’t love this song? It was practically written for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. I mean, it says, “Mazel Tov”!

What more could you ask for?

4. September (Michael McDonald)

Ok, so, a couple of things:

1. Yes, I am aware of the “Earth, Wind and Fire” version.

2. This song could make a realistic argument for being #1!

In my opinion, there is no greater song to get your party started than this. On the night of your big event, chances are, you and your friends have been in cocktail for an hour. You enter the ballroom and your MC is playing “kid-friendly” music for the teens. Sure you’ve memorized the words to the latest Drake song,I mean, who hasn’t? But that doesn’t mean you, nor your girlfriends have a clue as to how to dance to it.

Your MC, noticing you adults are inches away from taking a seat, signals to his DJ who then drops this gem and invites EVERYONE to the dance floor. The adults love it. The kids dig the energy and before you know it, everyone has their hands in the air and theyre waving them like they just don’t care!

3. Shots (LMFAO)

Picture this: It’s 10:15p.m. and your party goes till 11. It’s been a great night already. The dance floor is packed. The DJ is rocking. Your husband has already had one too many drinks–you can tell because the last one is spilled all down his half-buttoned, untucked shirt.

In this moment, your party is a 9.3 out of 10. You’d be content if your party ended at a 9.3. You believe yourself to be happy if not satisfied, but then the beat drops and you hear, “When I walk up in the club, all eyes on me. We’re the Party Rock crew, all drinks are free”…

3 mins later, your entire crowd is fist-pumping and you have yourself a 10. Well played DJ. Well played, indeed.

2. Raise Your Glass (Pink)

If the next list I write is, “The 5 most underrated Party Songs”, “Raise your Glass” will likely be #1. It should be a crime this track is not played more often. DJ’s everywhere are robbing their families of a great time!

If you haven’t heard this song in a while, or if you’ve never heard it at a Bar/Bat mitzvah. Ask your DJ to play it in the final 1/3 of the night. When the dance floor is heating up and you and your girlfriends are  starting to feel like having a good time. You’ll feel the energy and excitement building to the point of explosion and then…

Wait for it…wait for it… BOOM!

1. Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey)

As a Master of Ceremonies, I am constantly looking for opportunities to create “moments”. Always in search of a chance to bring your entire party together, filling the room with love and experiencing happiness in unison.

“Don’t stop Believin’ ” helps create this feeling like no other. Close your eyes and envision 200 of your closest friends and family with their arms around each other, swaying from side-to-side and singing at the top of their lungs, “Don’t Stop… BELIEVIN’! Hold on to the…”, it won’t even matter what those words are that come next.

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