‍There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of MC/DJ groups out there and believe or not, we are not all created equally.

Most of us are REALLY GOOD at what we do; we are dedicated and devoted to the families we work with and we strive, at all cost to help you create the night you’ve been dreaming of. We meet with our clients weeks, sometimes months in advance. We are always but a phone call away to answer questions and/or provide insight and expertise. We want to have a hand in every step of the process because we understand your mitzvah “experience” starts well before 7p on Saturday night.

There are some in this industry though, that don’t quite feel the same. They don’t see themselves as an extension of you and your family. They don’t take the time to get to know you and understand your likes and dislikes. They are a proverbial “hired gun”. They’re going to show up Saturday night and play music. If you and your guests have a great time, “Excellent!”. If not, they don’t mind because they’re going to get paid anyway.

You want to avoid the latter MC/DJ group at all cost.

Here are a 4 warning signs that you’re about to choose the wrong MC:

Missed a scheduled meeting

A quality MC knows the importance of every exchange he has has with his client. Whether it’s via text, email or face-to-face, he views each communication as an opportunity to affirm that he is the right man for the party. His name and subsequently, his reputation, mean something to him.

If an MC misses a meeting with you without asking to reschedule in advance, that says either he does not value you and your family the way that he should, or he is not well organized and prone to such blunders. In either event, he is not an individual you want to trust with the most important night of your year.

2. Doesn’t work with the same DJ each week.

The relationship between an MC and his DJ is paramount to the overall success of a party. When an MC and DJ are in sync, they can collaborate to create magic at your party.

If your MC and DJ are communicating well, most musical facets of your night will come off seamless and without a hitch. If you ask a potential MC who their DJ is, and they tell you they don’t have one in particular, this means they will likely work with whomever is available the night of your party. That may be someone new. That may be someone they do not have rapport with and that’s likely not a risk you want to take.

3. Seems timid

It is true that you an MC doesn’t absolutely need to have an “over the top” personality to be good at what he does. In all honesty, you may even prefer an MC who keeps in mind that the night is about your family, not about him.

That said, it does take a certain personality type to ensure that your night will go as planned. A quality MC needs to be able to communicate with all other vendors on your behalf. They need to be able to lead their team and at times, they may need to settle your teens down or get your adults up out of their seats to dance.

A shy or timid MC will not be able to do these things. You need your MC to be more than just the person holding the microphone, you need them to be in charge.

4. Isn’t familiar with his dancers

If you’re planning a party with over 50 total guests, it is likely that your MC/DJ package will also include one or more dancers.

Although an MC typically gets all the credit when a party goes great and equally, all the ridicule when anything goes wrong, the team that they employ its actually very important the overall success of the night.

Dancers assist with crowd control, they hand out party favors and they make certain you and your family are taken care of. If your MC is taking care of something else, it will be the dancers who hold down the fort in his stead.

A quality MC will bring quality dancers with him—that he has worked with in the past. He will know their strengths and weaknesses so that he can employ and place them in positions to make best use of their individual and collective talents.  If your MC is not familiar with his dancers, they become not much more than “extra bodies” and can often do more to get in the way, as opposed to make a contribution to your big night.

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