7. Yeah (Usher)

Mix a little R’n’B with some hip-hop and an easy to follow, synchronized dance move and this track is capable of pulling your entire crowd to the dance floor.

6. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix a lot

Nothing says “cool” like your mom and dad knowing every word to an old school rap song. Your adult friends love it because it reminds them of yesteryear, and your teens are more than a little amused by your new found flow and hip gyrations.

5. Aint no Mountain

Wave your hands side-to-side. Rock your arms from left-to-right. Now spread them wide… This track has all the coordination of a line dance, plus a symbolic message! Who doesn’t love dancing to this song!

4. Forget You!

We all have that Ex we’d love to joyfully sing the unedited version of this song to. Cee-lo Green happens to take care of it for us!

3. September by Earth Wind and Fire

An oldie but goodie that all of your adults love to dance to and a sound so cool, your teens don’t even realize it was born in the 90’s!

2. Shots

To the kids, this is a high energy, fist pumping, head banging classic. For your adults, it’s a call to action.

1. Dont Stop Believin’

Is there any question that this is the single greatest bar/bat mitzvah song ever produced. I mean…ever?

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