‍Throwing the party of your dreams is not the hardest thing in the world to accomplish, but in order to do so, you need to make certain you aren’t setting yourself up for failure.

Here’s a look at 8 commonly made mistakes that can ruin your party:

8. Placing kids activities outside of the room

If you have an athletic son or daughter, there is a chance that you’ll be interested in adding additional games to your big night to keep the teens interested. Things such as “Pop-a-shot” or air hockey are both commonplace and a great idea.

The issue for your party comes into play when these activities are placed outside of the main ballroom. What frequently ends up happening is your teens spend a majority of the night in other areas of your venue and depending on how active your adults are, this could lead to an empty dance floor.

7. 5-Hour Party

Stop me if you’ve heard this before; for the most part, the “5-hour” party is a thing of the past. Unless your timeline is jam packed with a candle-lighting, sit down dinner, blessing, welcome, parent/child dance, speeches, presentations, games et al., the 5 hour party is likely not in your best interest.

Frequently, kids are picked up at or around 11 anyway, and really, how frequently do you or your friends stay up past 10?

It’s always best to end on a high note, so unless it’s absolutely necessary, just say “NO!” to the 5-hour party.

6. The extended Montage

Yes, you love your child and seeing their smiling face is the light of your life!

Your friends know it. Your family knows it and by now, your event planner is 1000% certain of it!

That said, pictures of your prince/princess, like anything else, is good in moderation. I’m not saying your guests won’t love re-living the moments of Jr.s’ life– just not EVERY moment. Do everyone a favor and do your best to keep your montage between 8-12 minutes.

5. Improper Candle Lighting placement

A candle lighting is special and an excellent way to honor your loved ones; both those present as well as those no longer with us. There is though a proper time and place for it in your schedule of the night.

A candle lighting should take anywhere between 20-30 minutes, and if your adults don’t have anything else going on during the ceremony, it may not be that they’re so touched by the words that they’re moved to emotion. No, those may be tears of boredom you see.

For this reason, it’s imperative your adults have something else to hold their attention for those 20-30 minutes. You want to plan for your candle lighting to be performed either during the adults salad course or near the end of dinner. They can eat while your child reads their pretty poems. Perfect!

4. Presentations during the party

Though really great for your child and some of their friends, presentations are like candle lightings for your adults…only far less sentimental and far more annoying!

Traditionally speaking, there will be a few timeless moments as your childs’ friends shower them with words, gifts and life-sized posters of Justin Bieber, however there will be even more loud laughter, giggles, and inside jokes…about Justin Bieber.

These things are terrific for your teens, but not so appealing for adults; not even during meal service. Do everyone a solid and have your MC run presentations during cocktail hour.

3. Serving Dessert too early

In our regular lives, we tend to eat dessert shortly, if not immediately after dinner. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always done.  It just makes sense.

At your bar/bat mitzvah, making such a decision could be catastrophic!

You see, in our brains, the concept of serving dessert is tied to the approaching end of the night. Thus, if you serve after dinner, don’t be surprised if your guests seem all partied-out by 9:30!

Hold off on dessert at least until there is only 1 hour left in your party and even then, be certain your DJ has a good idea of how he’ll get everyone out of their chairs and back onto the dance floor.

2. Choosing the wrong MC/DJ

Every MC can dance and speak into a microphone (some better than others). Every DJ has access to many of the current songs you hear on the radio.

The key though, is ensuring you’ve chosen an MC/DJ who care enough to take the time to understand who you and your family are. That they are committed to playing the music that is best for YOUR PARTY, not the songs they personally want to hear and most importantly, that they care enough to help you create the night of your dreams.

Being an MC is not a job–it’s a service. And if you choose the right one, he will hold your hand and lead the way to towards the evening you’ve been looking forward to.

1. Spending too much time talking and not enough time Partying!

A common thought is that “teens on their cellphones” are the largest deterrent to throwing an all-encompassing dance party. Though this is not 100% false, I can assure you that it’s also not accurate.

As important as your MC, DJ and dancers are–as much as they are responsible for playing great music and leading your crowd–there are individuals who will have a greater effect on the outcome of your party, and those individuals are you and your family.

You may have heard this before, but it’s the truth. If you and your husband spend your time off of the dance floor talking amongst yourselves, your guests will do the same. If your daughter spends a majority of her time in the corner texting, her friends will do the same. Theses people; your friends and family came to be with you all, thus whatever you’re doing, they will mimic.

If you want everyone in the room to be singing, dancing, partying and having a good time… lead the way to the dance floor and watch them follow you.

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