‍Can I be honest with you for a second? I LOVE having meetings with yourself and your family. I LOVE sitting down with you all in the comfort of your living room. Love the opportunity to spend quality time with you before we’re surrounded by hundreds of guests, needy kids, fancy dresses and bright lights! Just you all and me.

I LOVE having this time because it’s in these moments that I get to really know YOU. I find out what makes you tick; things that bring you happiness and those that make you a little nervous. Families ask me all the time how I keep parties from being monotonous. How I make sure theirs’ won’t be just like their neighbors’ I did the week before and the answer to that question is more often than not, found in our meetings. The decisions I make during the course of your big night in relation to music, tone and flow are a direct reflection of you and your choices should be the same.

I take a notebook with me to every family meeting. I want to write down all pertinent information we discuss because I strive to always get “it” right. In anticipation of every get together, I jot down four questions I know I need to get the answer to:

1. Will you all be giving a welcome speech?

2. If it wasn’t performed during service, who will be blessing the bread/wine?

3. Are you all going up in the chair during the Hora?

4. What will your intro songs be?

Answers to the first three are usually specific and well thought out, in regard to the 4th though, I frequently get the response, “What do other families choose? Maybe you should pick them for us”.

As your MC, I can provide you with a list of great intro songs for each member of your family, and I’ll even throw in the most frequently used mother/son (father/daughter) choices as well if you’d like. The truth of the matter though, is that even if I provide some suggestions to consider, this is YOUR moment and it should be special and meaningful to you and your family, not just a popular track your DJ thinks is a good song.

Your official introductions are unique to you and should fit your individual style. Leading up to your moment of glory, your guests will be placed in a circle and after your name is called, the song that plays should serve as the soundtrack to your existence!!! And if that’s a little too heavy, it should at least be a strong representative of who you are, and the same can be said for the mother/son dance which will occur later in the evening. For instance, if you’re a host/hostess who want to send the message that you’re looking for a high energy evening, go with something like, “Get this Party started” by Pink. Conversely, if you all are a couple who want that moment to be about celebrating your union, request that song the two of you danced to 20 years ago. Your athletic son may choose “All I do is Win” by DJ Khaled, or your princess of a daughter may fancy, “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea! In any event, it cant be wrong so long as it represents YOU!

A month ago my host/hostess who had a great sense of humor were introduced to “Bills” by LunchMoney Lewis. They and their friends shared a laugh at the extravagance of their night. A couple of weeks later, my male guest of honor came in with his older brother to “We are Family”, and recently, I had the honor of introducing a female guest of honor to the theme song from the latest Sponge Bob movie! Last week, my hostess requested that her mother/son dance be to the song she and her father danced to at her Bat Mitzvah. It was beautiful. As I announced it, there wasn’t a dry eye on the floor. It was priceless.

Each of those songs were unique. Each of those songs were special. As much music knowledge as I may have, I couldn’t have done a “better” job at selecting any of them because that moment was not mine, it belonged to them. That moment…belongs to you.

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