Before we go any further, let’s me be clear– candle lighting ceremonies are a beautiful way to honor very special people in your lives. They mean the world to you, your family and anybody you are honoring with a candle. Here’s the thing though, unfortunately, they are not quite as exciting for the rest of the guests in attendance. In fact, I’m not saying any of your friends and/or family are going to take a nap at your party, but if they did, it’d be during the candle lighting ceremony. Just sayin’.

Never fret though, there is a solution! My recommendation is that you do your candle lighting ceremony at time during our event when the guests can pay attention but have something else to do as well!

Candle lighting ceremonies normally take about 20 minutes or so to perform. Twenty minutes is a long time out of your event, and with all the other formalities and eating seriously cuts into time you could be dancing. The way to make this work is to do the candle lighting ceremony during  the first course or the main course (personally, I prefer we  do it during the first course and I will explain why later in my schedule of events tip.).

That said, let me explain how this works in practice. You have entered the room dancing for 30 minutes or so. You have asked the guests to be seated and done the blessings and a welcome. The first course has just been served and people are beginning to eat. Here’s the beauty; your first course normally takes approximately twenty minutes or so for your guests to eat, which just so happens to be the same amount of time required for your candle lighting ceremony! It’s perfect!

Your guests can eat and listen to the candle lighting ceremony at the same time. The result is that people who are being honored are happy and the guests that may be not interested in the ceremony have something to do as well. When the ceremony is over everybody has finished their salad. What do we do next? Dance, of course. Your guests have an empty plate in front of them. The catering staff will come pick up the plates in preparation of the main course while you and your guest rock out on the dance floor!

One final tip in this scenario though, please make sure to ask the catering staff not to start picking up finished first course plates until the candle lighting ceremony is completely over. You don’t want the clattering of silverware distracting from the sweet sound of your angel on the microphone!

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