By now, you may have heard me speak on this a couple of times. You may have even seen our Mitzvah Maestro video that reiterates this very premise, but in the event you’re still considering otherwise, I strongly recommend if you’re having a seated dinner, that you dance between your meals!

In order to properly paint this picture, let’s reverse back to the beginning of the night.

You had an excellent cocktail hour; your adult guests are relaxed and primed to have a good time. Your kids are fired up with excitement. Once doors open to the ballroom, you all hit the floor for a high energy opening dance set which includes your official introductions. After 30 minutes or so of fun, your adults are directed to their seats to enjoy their first course while the bread and wine are blessed and you all give your welcome speech. Thus far, you’ve created the night of your dreams! Everything is going according to plan. You had a packed dance floor, everyone is smiling and you can feel an overwhelming aura of love throughout the room.

Here’s my advice: Keep your foot on the gas. Dont let the train come to a complete stop. Keep it Moving!

Your kids will finish eating in 10 minutes. Give your adults 15 to finish their salad, then get them back up again for a mini dance set. This will serve a few different purposes:

1. Catering will have an opportunity to clear plates from the first course which is key because no one enjoys staring at a half-empty dish.

2. A proper flow will be maintained that will keep all of your guests entertained and engaged in the party.

3. It will prevent your adults from sitting in one place for too long. Trust me on this, no matter how much of a “dancing crowd” you believe you may have, if they set idle for too long, they may get so comfortable it’ll take a fork lift to get them up again!

I MC’d an event recently that utilized this practice. After first course, we did the Hora and transitioned into a mini dance set from there. It was one of the best mitzvahs I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of. The pace was continuous. The action was non-stop and all guests were actively engaged while enjoying and partaking of the “moment” all night long.

It may not seem like a large thing, but if having a seated dinner, dance between your courses, it may be the best 15 minutes of your night!

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