In all my years MCing in this industry, I’ve had the opportunity to serve some of the greatest families and assisted them in throwing some of the BEST PARTIES! One’s they will remember for years to come.

One aspect of facilitating a great party, that I dont believe all members of my guild fully comprehend, is the importance of constructing a timeline that helps to fight against human nature; in this case, I’m speaking specifically of the serving of dessert.

Let’s take a look at a pretty traditional run of show:

Your event starts at 7p with cocktail hour that will run until 8p. You and your guest enter the ballroom and immediately hit the dance floor for an outstanding opening set! During the first 30 minutes, you have dancing, introductions, blessings and you sit for your first course. After salad, your MC gets everyone up for another mini-dance set, allowing the energy to continuously course through the veins of your party, and not to mention, giving the wait staff an opportunity to clear plates from your tables.

You sit down, have a wonderful meal, which is pleasantly timed and coupled with your video montage and upon its’ conclusion, you’re back on the dance floor rounding circles for your hora. Another rocking dance set ensues and as you’re rocking out to “Play that Funky Music”, you can’t help but to think to yourself, “this is the greatest night of my life!!!”.

Then dessert comes out and your thoughts are mixed between, “oh my gosh…the night just got even better!” and “I know I’m watching my figure, but one bite of this cake wont kill me”.

You and all of your friends sit down to chat, as you subsequently eat the entire piece of cake (and half of your husband’s). In the distance, you see your smiling teens, texting away while partaking of the ice cream bar, but as your eyes shift, you notice that your dance floor is completely empty and has been for over 5 minutes now. The DJ is doing his best to play popular songs, but your guests are more than content tapping their feet from afar as they continue laughing with glee from their comfy seats.

In a panic, you look down at your watch and see that it’s only 10:06 and your party doesn’t end till 11:00. Oh my goodness, is it over? You wonder. We were having such a great party, is it going to end an hour early?!? You try to motivate your husband and friends to navigate back to the dance floor, your efforts are futile as you quickly realize at this point, it will take a fork lift to get them back up and moving!

And that’s when it dawns on you, dessert killed your party…

But alas, there is hope and that is because you said, “Yes”, when I asked if you wanted to have a Mother/Son dance!

Obviously, a mother/son dance is special for any number of reasons. It is his first official dance as bar mitzvah, your last time two-stepping with your baby and a beautiful opportunity for all of your loved ones to share in your family’s moment.

Beyond all of the emotional reasoning though, the mother/son dance can save your party! Dessert, as delicious as it may be, not only can take guests from the floor (and keep them there), it also subconsciously signals to them that the “party” is over. And for this reason, I always look to schedule the mother/son dance after dessert.

5-10 mins after dessert has been served, I bring you, your family and your guest of honor back on to the dance floor and ask your friends and all teens to gather around for a special moment. They love you, so they force themselves to drop the fork and oblige. Yourself and your child embrace. The love is felt in the air of the room and halfway through your chosen song, I invite everyone to take the hand of someone they hold dear and join you on the dance floor. Before you know it, not only are you sharing a touching moment, but your ENTIRE crowd is back on the floor again!

My next song is crucial, so I choose it wisely and with the preferences of your family and friends in mind. Just as your mother/son song ends, my DJ drops the next track which your party absolutely loves and we’re ALL rocking out AGAIN and we’re not leaving the floor until the venue kicks us out! And when it’s all said and done, you think to yourself, “this was the best night of my life…”.

Dessert tried to kill your night, but the Mother/Son dance saved your party!

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