‍As an Emcee, I cannot stress to you how important the first 20 minutes of your party will be. Your “opening dance set”, as we like to call it, will set the tone for the remainder of your night, so if you’re looking for a high-energy affair, know that it begins the moment your guest enter the ballroom.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with countless families, event planners and caterers over the years and occasionally, a timeline is constructed that dictates meal service beginning as soon as guest walk into the main room. Though this practice may work for weddings (and I’d argue that it’s whats best for weddings, but we’ll get into that another day), it’s often not the best option for mitzvahs.

Think of it like this: in its’ own way, your party has the potential to be epic, exhilarating and so awesome if fly’s you and your guests to heights otherwise never seen! Yourself, your family and friends then, are a proverbial rocket ship. During cocktail hour, you’re receiving your fuel, all engines are ready and when those doors open, it’s time to blast off!

As an emcee, I attempt to assist this process by making certain my initial song choices are high-energy and appeal to both kids and adults. Before you know it, we are 10 minutes into your party, the dance floor is packed and everyone is rockin’ out and having a great time! Your kids are comfortable on the dance floor and your adults are relaxed and free of some of their inhibitions, so they’re all having an amazing time and the best thing is, the night will only get better from here. You’ve set the proper expectations for what should happen moving forward.

Now trust me, I know your concern. You’re worried that your guest will be hungry. You dont just want to throw a great party, you also want to be a good host, so you’d like to feed your loved ones sooner rather than later. Here’s what I encourage: go heavy on the hors d’oeuvres during cocktail and rest assured that meal service will begin immediately after we get this party off on the right foot!

Remember, your party is a rocket ship—during cocktail hour, it’s building up steam. Once those doors open, it is imperative that we hit the dance floor running and your blast off into the night of your dreams!

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